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  1. The Notice

    Under Section 21, a landlord can recover his property back.

    Section 21 contains: Recovery of possession on expiry or termination of assured shorthold tenancy.

    We serve a section 21 notice for £65.00

    Also under Section 8, a landlord can recover his property back.

    Section 8 contains: Notice of proceedings for possession.

    We serve a Section 8 notice for £75.00 We serve Section 8 and Section 21 together for only £95.00 (even if at staggered intervals)
    The purpose of a notice is to give the landlord an enforceable procedure.

  2. Court Proceedings

    This is called an Accelerated Possesion and requires no court appearance (usually).

    Don't be tricked! There are unscrupulous so called eviction experts out there including solicitors, who are charging you for representation that doesn't happen, and no, you don't usually need to take a day off work!

    All court paperwork is £185.00. We send to you, you sign and send to the court (all info supplied) the court fee is £355.00

    We give personal guidance to the end, and should the tenant offer a defence, we will guide you through this too, having consistently won against the most spurious arguments.

    No written tenancy agreement? No problem. We are experts at the court procedure for Section 21 with no tenancy agreement. However, this will not be the accelerated route.

  3. Bailiff Procedures

    We help you with the bailiff forms, it is completed swiftly and to the highest standard.

    To complete this, you just pay the court fee of £121.00 plus the form fee of £100 (subject to current court fees)